Mwisa Chisunka

Mwisa recently joined Ostroff Associates in December 2021 with substantial experience and expertise in New York State government. Mwisa is a solution-oriented strategist with a focus on long term goals and cross functional collaboration to deliver results.

Prior to joining OA, Mwisa served as the Head of Virtual Outreach for the New York State Department and Finance. Mwisa provided communication, messaging and education to tax professionals, taxpayers, businesses and other groups about tax laws, rules and regulations through webinars, videos and other virtual methods.

Prior to this role, Mwisa served as New York State’s first Business Ombudswoman – Director of Business Tax Services and Education. In this role, Mwisa educated businesses for Empire State Development and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance. Mwisa worked closely with the agencies’ executive teams and participated with Executive branch leadership in identifying business tax related policy and compliance initiatives and facilitated implementation. Mwisa utilized business experiences to create a process to identify systemic issues determining if there were administrative and/or legislative solutions. In this role, Mwisa served as a clearinghouse for business grievances -investigating and resolving issues and complaints. Mwisa also served as Deputy Director and Senior Tax Analyst for the New York State Department of Taxation, building influential relationships with internal and external stakeholders to gain support for initiatives.

Prior to her tenure with New York State agencies, Mwisa worked for the New York State Senate where she identified and analyzed budget and policy issues and developed options and recommendations for the Senate Finance and Operations Committees.

Mwisa has received various awards for her contributions to New York State government including: the New York State Center for Women in Government and Civil Society Fellowship, an Internal Revenue Service Outstanding Public Service and Partnership Award, a Certificate of Recognition from the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs, the Latino Association of Tax Preparers Certificate of Recognition Award and a Certificate of Recognition from the Metropolitan Black Bar Association.

Mwisa’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree from Colgate University, and a Masters’ degree from the Nelson A. Rockefeller School of Public Affairs and Policy. Mwisa is currently a member of Albany Junior League and serves as a mentor Council for Women for Girls.