Ostroff Associates is vigilant of the 24 hour news cycle and provides real time alerts to clients on breaking news in state government and developments on issues of critical importance to our clients.

In the age of new media, breaking news can be disseminated in a matter of minutes. Our team has extensive experience covering press conferences, legislative hearings, tracking industry issues through digital monitoring and analysis, and gathering substantive political intelligence to support our clients’ interests.

Every day we send our clients articles and information from across the state. Whether it’s a press release from a legislator, the governor or an advocacy group, or a newspaper article that pertains to our client or their issue, it’s imperative that our clients stay as informed as we are.

We are operating at the intersection of public policy and the media in today’s digital society. Ostroff Associates supports clients with the formulation of press releases and official statements to assist in the development and management of their messaging, and ensure timely distribution to reporters, elected officials and other key audiences.

When the unexpected happens, we put our breadth of knowledge and experience to work for you by implementing strategies to quickly and effectively improve a client’s public persona, engage in conversation to frame the debate and positively advance our client’s message to the media and decision makers.